XIV Orienteering Trophy Clube Aventura da Madeira

24th and 25th November – Middle Distance

Madeira Cup 2007/2008

Organization: CAMadeiraClube Aventura da Madeira
Event Director: António Olival
Course Planning: António Ferro Olival
Map maker: António Ferro Olival
Technical Supervisor (Portuguese Orienteering Federation): Bruno Berenguer

24th November - Deadline for entries in competition classes.
25th November - Provisional start list

Saturday, 17th November
13H00 – Opening of the Stage centre (Casa do Burro – Chão da Lagoa)
14h30 – First Start (Middle distance)

Sunday, 18th November
09H00 – Opening of the Stage centre (Casa do Burro)
10H30 - First Start (Middle distance)
13h00 - Awards giving ceremony

The event will take place on Montado do Barreiro area, in Chão da Lagoa. Leaving from Funchal, go towards Monte and Terreiro da Luta and then towards Poiso until Funchal Ecological Park. Orange arrows will lead you to the assembly area.

Event Office and concentration places will be properly signalized.

Formation classes
Initiated W/M – Born in 1993 and 1994

Competition classes
Juveniles W/M – Born in 1991 and 1992
Juniors W /M – Born between 1988 and 1990
W/M21A and M21B – Born between 1974 and 1987
W35 - Born in 1973 and before

M35 – Born between 1964 and 1973
M45 – Born in 1963 and before

Open classes
OPT1 – Short length (between 1km and 2,5km long), recommended to beginners with no experience on orienteering. All ages indicated. It’s possible to do alone or in groups. Course is made throughout “safe lines”: footpaths, fences, electricity lines, could have signalized courses.

OPT2 - Medium length (between 1,5km and 3km long) for participants with little experience but with good physical conditions (youngest should be accompanied by an adult). It’s possible to do alone or in groups.

Deadline for entries in competition classes – 11th November 2007

The entries may be done online throughout our web page (Entries online, see previous page) or send by e-mail to aventura@camadeira.com mentioning the following data:
- Name (name and surname);
- ID or Passport number (for Insurance Company registration);
- FPO number (FPO Affiliated);
- SI Card number (If not indicated the organization will presume the SI Card rental);
- Birth date;
- Participation class;
- Name of the Club or individual;

Entries contact: oricamadeira@gmail.com  

Entries Fee (by couse/day)

FPO Affiliated
Born in 1988 or after –€2,5
Born in 1987 or before – €4

Non FPO Affiliated
Born in 1988 or after – €4,5 Euros
Born in 1987 or before – €6 Euros

Open Classes (OPT1 e OPT2)
Born in 1988 or after – €2,5 Euros
Born in 1987 or before – €4 Euros

As for 11th November the entries will be subject to map availability, with an extra cost of 1 euro to the above fees with the exception of the open classes.

The prices include sport insurance, with the exception of the non renewed FPO affiliated. These should ad 1,75 euros (for a day) or 3 euros (both days) to the FPO Affiliated fees.

SI-Card rental: 1,0 EUR per day
The lost of the SI-Card means the payment of 30,00 EUR

All the entries confirmed until 11th November will the taking in consideration for payments purposes.

Technical Information
Day 24 and 25 – Chão da Lagoa Map, scale 1/5000 (contour interval 5m), edition 2005, updated October 2007.
The Chão da Lagoa Map covers the event area, which is interdicted until the event takes place. All athletes identified in the place will not be classified.

Terrain with medium relief, composed by easy run open areas, alternating with pine trees forest with some low vegetation and some appointments of dense vegetation areas. Some open areas with low vegetation and Erica plant shrubs of reduced visibility; some footpaths.


Others Information

The event area is crossed by a road with car circulation (runners should take care when crossing it).

- First aid and ambulance near Finish;
- Time limit for each course (Middle Distance): 2 hours;
- Starts with a 3 minutes break for all courses;

- The athlete's maps will be hold at Finish until the last athlete's start.
- Car Parking in concentration place, indicated by arrows;
- Car keys and bags can be stored at Event Centre;
- Light snacks and water at Finish.

Punching system / SportIdent

The SPORT IDENT Electronic Punching System will be used in all events. Competitors can use their own SI-cards (the SI-card number must be given on the Entry Form) or rent one from the organisation.
The athlete must punch by the sequential order defined by the organization, waiting 1 second to hear the bip of the chip recognition. When the system fails one should punch in the area of the map reserved to the purpose.

Results Lists
Results lists will be displayed at the finish area and on the CAMadeira web page at: www.camadeira.com

Trophy for the first classified and medals for the 2nd and 3rd place in all classes.
Surprise souvenirs will be assorted to the participants.

For more information:

CAMadeiraClube Aventura da Madeira
E.C. Zarco - Apartado 191
9001-903 Funchal
Telephone Number: +351962837491
Fax: +351291230529